NISSELON® provide you with the best solution.
NISSELON® is a trademark of Nissei Company Ltd.


Toward a better future with industrial material.


We contribute to society and client by expanding our business with integrity.
We are proud of our competitive process-technology and management system which guarantee a quality and cleanness of our products.


75th proven and trusted capability -Establish in 1946, our business had started with handling Nylon fishing lines.
In widening our product ranges from nylon lines to fabrics, We created our factory and started a slit-converting process in 1954.


-Global partnership gives us the capability of resourcing a broad range of material and we are eager to take on new challenges to deliver a solutions and products.


We keep on striving for creating an excellent product which will contribute to our society and environment.


  • Filter materials for tea and coffee using ecofriendly-material.

    (biodegradable material such as PLA fiber and so on.)

    Nylon and polyester materials are in the line-ups too.

  • We are offering a non-woven fabric roll in plain and various specification to meet the requirements of our client.

  • 3-ply disposable face mask and cup mask which is suitable for medical scene, food factory and so on.

  • Wiper for Industrial use and food factory

    Cloth with excellent wipe-performance and absorption which is suitable for industrial use, food factory and so on.