NISSELON® filters (Food-grade)

-Packing solution for tea bag and more
-The fusion of experience and technology

    Wood-based cellulose paper -Ideal filter for neutral odor and taste

    Lyocell paper

    This Non-heatseal paper is suitable for eco-friendly tea bag such as “Double chamber type”.


    Item No, LFP1300

    Gsm Width Length Color Machine
    13.0 94mm 4500m white(Bleached) Non-heatseal type


    Key properties
    ・Neutral odor and taste
    ・Stable supply
    ・Excellent particle retention


    Derived from sustainably grown wood sources, LENZING™ Lyocell fiber is used for this filter paper.

    LENZING™andレンチング™ are the trademark of Lenzing AG.



    Please contact us for any questions or request information on NISSELON products from the following.

    PLA(Polylactic acid) filter

    ~New option for a better world and a better future~


    Eco-friendly filter which is made from plant-based material.
    This sustainable filter is biodegradable and compostable through composting or biogas processing.


    Item No,:BIO3000(Woven filter)

    Key properties
    ・Excellent infusion performance
    ・excellent sealing strength


    Sealing adaptability

    ・Ultrasonic seal



    Item number:BNW4000(Non-woven filter)

    ・Excellent infusion performance
    ・Excellent particle retention


    Sealing adaptability
    ・Ultrasonic seal

    Woven filter

    NN1010 /NPE2525

    Item No, NN1010(Nylon woven filter) 

    ・Excellent infusion performance
    ・Silky-like texture.


    Sealing adaptability
    ・Ultrasonic seal



    Item number:NPE2525(Polyester woven filter)



    ・Excellent infusion performance

    ・Excellent shape retention.


    Sealing adaptability

    ・Ultrasonic seal


    3-ply Disposable face mask

    ・Nose clip provides a secure and tight fit on your face.
    ・Easy breathing
    ・Soft ear-loops that less likely hurt the ears.
    ・Pleats-structure covers your mouth and nose completely.

    An outer layer: PP spunbond nonwoven / a middle layer: PP melt-brown nonwoven/ a inner layer: PP spunbond nonwoven.


    PFE(Particle Filtration Efficiency) 99% Ex:PM 2.50
    VFE(Viral Filtration Efficiency)99% Ex: virus with droplet or water
    BFE(Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)99% Ex: Pollen, Bacteria.


    ※Tested by KAKEN TEST CENTER
    Particle Filtration Efficiency:ASTM F299
    Viral Filtration Efficiency:ASTM F2101-14
    Bacterial Filtration Efficiency:ASTM F2101-14

    N-WIPE 800 pieces(50 pieces/bag×16bag/case)

    Item No. NW 50

    Nonwoven wiper with high-strength and all-purpose use.


    ■Excellent strength
    Very soft texture with excellent strength, wet or dry by manufactured using high-speed water jet that entangle the fibers to form a strong


    ■Excellent absorbent

    The wood pulp fiber content enables highest performance in
    absorbency and retention of water.
    The fast and high absorbency can propel your work efficiency.


    Size:30㎝×35㎝ Quarto-Fold

    Hydro Clean 3,000 pieces (100 pieces/bag×30bag/case)

    Item No. HT-4F

    Wiper for clean-room  (Nonwoven type).


    Offers exceptional low-lint nonwoven made by high pressure water jet
    technology and our own customized-combination of fiber.


    ■Solvent Resistant
    No chemical binders and fluorescent substances are used in the production and reduce an elution due to the use of solvents.
    This wipe is compatible with many types of solvents.


    ■High absorbency
    Rayon fiber is contented. Offer a high water absorption and oil adsorption.

    Size:25㎝×25㎝ Quarto-Fold

    Hydro Cloth 1,500 pieces (150 pieces/bag×10bag/case)

    Item No. NKW100

    Knit wiper for clean-room (Class 100).


    ■Clean-room class100
    Offers excellent cleanness by a process of pure water cleaning and clean packaging (double -packed)


    Offers exceptional low-lint made by pure water cleaning and
    hot melt process in 4 side.


    ■Strength and soft
    Very soft texture with excellent strength (polyester knit 100%)

    Size:9 inch×9inch  flat